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I think I'm finally done with lj. Two damn weeks before I can get to see my friends page, can't post anything because it gets eaten, and too damn many server crashes. Done.

Will still be posting there for a bit, but only because I like some of the nice people there.

So anyway, my arm still hurts, my plants are still huge, and I finally started getting tomatoes. They grew taller than me, then fell over in a rainstorm and by the time I could get out to them they cracked when I tried to pull them upright and they broke their old stakes. Not dealing with Big Boy or Better Boy tomatoes next year. Romas all the way. And a really good trellis.

Tomato hornworms are scary fuckers, and I've found three that were bigger than my hand. Stuff of nightmares, they are. Something's been chewing on the basil and zombie plants, my green pepper turned out to be a pretty red that also attracts weird things, the cucumber seems to be mostly dead, but there's a couple of good vines with fruit left on it, and the only things that aren't having problems are the parsley and cayenne.

My sinuses asploded again, and it's extra annoying because I've missed every day at work this week and last week was surprisingly profitable. I should be well enough to deal with the friday assholes, and then I get a couple more days to recover before I wander forth among the masses again.

Cats are fine, puppies are fine, all are slightly pissed at me that I haven't gotten their flea drops yet. I'll make it up to them.

Date: 2011-08-17 03:52 am (UTC)
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The problem is that LJ has gotten themselves involved in Russian politics solely by being big in Russia. So they get targeted for attacks.

What you probably should do is look into an LJ client for writing your posts... All the ones I've seen will save your post if it can't post, so you can retry without losing everything.

I probably would make the jump too, though, if I didn't have a permanent account here.


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