Sep. 2nd, 2012

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So after a very long and stupidly hot summer, I finally have productive things happening in my garden.

Today I got my first ruby colored cayenne pepper, almost six inches long and looking hot enough to turn my sinuses to vapor before I finish the first bite. Love it. Also have a giant pile of sweet banana peppers, though I have no clue what I'm going to do with them.

Been finding cucumbers all over the place; I have everything in raised beds, and I was a bit neglectful on getting trellising, so the cucumber vines strongly resemble a medusa sculpture at a distance. I'd honestly thought they were going to give me a whole lot of nothing for the year when I went out and found four of the things, all as long as my arm and heavy enough to club seals to death. I suppose I should learn what to do with them all now.

Turns out that onions need a lot more light than I get in my backyard; the whole bed just seemed to sigh, call me an asshole, and die completely. I think I'll plant radishes there in a few weeks.

As for the tomatoes... well, blossom end rot blows dead goat. Been dissolving a lot of Tums in water and pouring it over the poor things, and while it seems to be helping the new growth, it's doing dick for the poor ones that were already on the vine. On the plus side, the grandmother-in-law has suffered no such problems and was happy to pass on some of her harvest, so I get to spend tomorrow making lots of sauce.

I also found a place that sells the precious food mills that I have been needing, and they are a great joy. The little batch of sauce I made yesterday went so beautifully fast I almost cried, especially when I remembered using a colander last year.

I've missed proper sauce. Hopefully I'll make enough for a year this time and never have to taste that store-bought stuff ever again.


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