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Birthdate:Apr 9
Location:United States of America
I've been dancing in fairly low-class bars since I was eighteen, and I must admit, it's taught me a lot.

I'm also a very bitter and intelligent person. To be fair, I don't hate men; I can't hate them, they pay most of my bills. Most of the people that really irritate me have a vagina all of their own. It's just that most of the men I meet are mouthbreathers who are barely two steps away from collecting state disability checks.

But the ones that I do meet who actually qualify as worthy genetic material are the reasons I keep going back. That, and the money.

I am the proud and loving caretaker of six cats, two wonderful puppies of vastly different sizes, and a breeding pair African Pygmy Hedgehogs (which are the cutest little critters). The world hasn't been very understanding about us all staying together, but time combined with large amounts of cash paves the way for almost anything.

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adema, alchemy, alton brown, antique coins, artemis fowl, astrology, astrophysics, baking, batman, batman dark night, bead making, beads, beadwork, beethoven, brahms, brewing, candy, cats, cheeses, cheesy b movies, chemistry, chocolate, chopan, christopher moore, cooking, crafts, darwin awards, democrats, diane duane, discworld, dr who, drowning pool, edible dirt, eoin colfer, epic fantasy, eric idle, eve forward, evolution, frank miller, full frontal nerdity, gemstones, glass making, gold, grateful dead, gravitational theory, handel, happy tree friends, harry dresden, harry potter, herbology, i ching, iguanas, invader zim, jewelry, jewelry making, jhonen vasquez, jim butcher, jthm, kabbalah, kittens, large cats, lenore, lewis carrol, libertarians, literature, lizards, lovecraft, magnetism, meditation, mercedes lackey, michio kaku, monty python, mozart, mythology, neil gaiman, neurochemistry, neuroscience, nodwick, nuclear energy, nuclear proliferation, overdue media, pastry, penny arcade, philosophy, physics, politics, psychology, quantum physics, red dwarf, reptiles, republicans, richard feynman, roman dirge, sandman, science fiction, sherlock holmes, silver, sinfest, snakes, soap making, sociology, something positive, south park, spike & mike, squee, stanton friedman, static x, steven brust, string theory, sugar sculpture, supernatural occurances, system of a down, tamora pierce, tarot, terry pratchett, tesla, theology, thomas harris, troma films, two lumps, unedited fairy tales, video games, vivaldi, zombies
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